Maricopa Community Colleges  LET160   19974-19996 
Official Course Description:   MCCCD Approval:  03/25/97  
LET160      19974-19996 LEC 1 Credit(s) 1 Period(s)
Correctional System Ethics and Professionalism
Overview of policies and guidelines with respect to professionalism and ethics in the correctional system. Includes workforce diversity, staff-inmate relations, and harassment issues. Also covers the definition of ethics and the basis for ethical decision making. Prerequisites: Departmental Approval.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
LET160   19974-19996 Correctional System Ethics and Professionalism
1. Identify types of discrimination. (I)
2. Identify consequences of stereotyping. (I)
3. Identify the negative effects of harassment. (I)
4. Identify basic laws and policies governing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). (I)
5. Identify illegal behaviors according to federal and state EEO and other non-discrimination laws. (I)
6. Describe the premise for ethical staff-inmate relations. (II)
7. Describe the correctional system policy regarding appropriate staff-inmate relationships. (II)
8. Define ethics and identify sources of personal values and ethics. (III)
9. Define the role of personal values in ethical decision making. (III)
10. Identify and describe policies regarding employee ethics and professionalism. (III)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
LET160   19974-19996 Correctional System Ethics and Professionalism
    I. Discrimination
        A. Types
        B. Stereotyping
          1. Types
          2. Consequences
        C. Harassment
          1. Definition
          2. Effects
        D. Barriers
          1. Interpersonal
          2. Organizational
        E. Laws and Policies
          1. Civil Rights Act and Amendments
          2. Arizona Statutes
          3. Age Discrimination and Rehabilitation Acts
          4. Equal Employment Opportunity
      II. Staff-Inmate Relations
          A. Definition
          B. Staff Function
            1. Supervise
            2. Protect
            3. Maintain Custody
            4. Maintain Control
            5. Maintain Order
          C. Premises
            1. Accountability to Public
            2. Safety and Security of Inmates, Staff and Public
            3. Professionalism
          D. Policy
            1. Ethics
            2. Prohibited Behaviors
            3. Professionalism
          E. Inappropriate Relations
            1. Staff Generalizations
            2. Inmate Generalizations
        III. Ethics
            A. Definition
            B. Personal
              1. Values
              2. Morals
              3. Sources
              4. Applications
            C. Professional
              1. Rules
              2. Standards
              3. Sanctions
            D. Employee
              1. Policies
              2. Decision Making
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