Maricopa Community Colleges

District Reforms

The impetus for reforms

On February 27, 2007, the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board unanimously approved an extensive proposal for changes in the ethics, internal controls, and accountability policies (pdf) of the District.

The approved changes, which strengthen existing controls and improve internal oversight by establishing more stringent requirements for reporting to the Governing Board and the Chancellor, include the recommendations of the Community Member Blue Ribbon Panel on Internal Controls, as well as Chancellor Rufus Glasper's additional recommendations for stronger controls. The new policies also will standardize the response to matters such as disciplinary action.

Chancellor Glasper asked each Maricopa employee to take an ethics review by posing a series of questions as they go about their daily responsibilities:

  • Are there any ethical implications of my behavior?
  • Does this activity contribute to the effort to restore public confidence in the Maricopa Community Colleges system?
  • Is this an appropriate exercise of public stewardship?

He further explained that if there is any doubt, employees should disclose the question to their supervisor so he/she can help work through the issues involved.