Maricopa Community Colleges

Public Affairs

The Division of Public Affairs supports the educational mission of the Maricopa Community Colleges through public awareness, advocacy and engagement. The Division of Public Affairs includes Marketing and Communication, the Office of Government Relations, and the Center for Civic Participation. These departments work together to provide information, services, and support to the District, the 10 Maricopa Colleges, and the community.

Center for Civic
Center for Civic Participation

The Center for Civic Participation seeks to enrich public life and public discourse on our Maricopa Community Colleges campuses and in our communities by increasing awareness about policy issues, and how government works, and by increasing engagement of Maricopa students, faculty, staff, and the community in civic life at all levels. The Center also serves to promote effective practices that support the District's mission of Community Development and Civic and Global Engagement. Learn more.

Government Relations

Government Relations represents the interests of the Maricopa Community Colleges by serving as the District's lead advocate with elected and appointed officials, their staffs, and governmental bodies on issues that may impact the District, as well as any other governmental policy or regulatory matters. This department works with federal, state, local, and tribal governments. Our efforts are conducted at the direction of the Office of the Chancellor. Learn more.

Marketing &
Marketing & Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department assists the Maricopa Community Colleges in developing and maintaining its community image, in making prospective students aware of college offerings, in coordinating community efforts with all ten colleges, and in creating new avenues for exposure to un-served and under-served communities. Learn more.