Maricopa Community Colleges

Division of Information Technology Services


The major role of information technology governance is to outline the decision rights and accountability framework of an organization in order to encourage desirable behavior in using technology. The Maricopa Community Colleges have instituted a new information and instructional technology governance structure consisting of the Information and Instructional Technology Governance Council (IITGC), Alliance Groups, User Groups and Communities of Practice. As part of this effort, all groups have charters, clear voting membership and voting processes, decision-making rubrics based on agreed upon criteria, consistent templates for proposals and recommendations, timelines for proposal review and decision-making as well as alignment with the district-wide information and instructional technology strategic and action plans. When fully in place, this information and instructional technology governance structure, and the processes included within it, will provide a much more participative and collaborative approach to decision-making regarding information and instructional technology along with checks and balances and clear communication regarding activities and decisions.